FortrezZ Indoor Water Valve - Actuator Only (ball valve & sensors sold separately)

FortrezZ Indoor Water Valve - Actuator Only (ball valve & sensors sold separately)

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Water damage can be catastrophic, so prevent it before it happens with the FortrezZ Z-Wave® Indoor Water Valve Actuator for automatic flood prevention. As soon as a water leak is detected, the valve automatically closes to shut off your home's water supply, immediately eliminating the chance of extensive property damage. With help from a professional plumber, the valve can be installed on any home's main water supply line. It comes with one water sensor, and because the connected motor speaks Z-Wave, you can enroll it into your Z-Wave controller and use it in conjunction with additional wireless water sensors. Whenever water is detected, the motor will receive an alert signal, triggering it to close the valve! You can also receive a remote alert through your Z-Wave network.

Please note, this particular unit does not include the required brass water valve, which is sold separately in various sizes (1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4"). In addition to automatic valve control, the Z-Wave Automated Water Valve Actuator allows you to manually close and open the valve anytime in three different ways: with the motor's built-in On/Off buttons, with the motor's manual control knob, or remotely through your Z-Wave network. The manual control knob is your ultimate backup in case of a power outage.

Please note, wireless Z-Wave sensors are sold separately. The included local monitoring probe sensor wires into the motor, making it useful for local monitoring only.

*Requires a Trane/American Standard XL824/850/1050 smart thermostat or an alternate Z-Wave Bridge in order to communicate with your Home app.

**Requires a paid Subscription. View the Nexia subscription plans here, American Standard Home subscription plans here, and Trane Home subscription plans here.

Tech Specs:

Model #: WV01ACTUS



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