Sensative® Z-Wave Plus® Strips

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Sensative Z-Wave Plus Strips are ultra-thin magnetic door/window sensors that communicate with Home technology to indicate whether a door or window is open or closed. The strips enhance home security, provide peace of mind that the door or window was not inadvertently left open, and can be monitored remotely from anywhere. They easily fit inside the gap of a door/window and its frame (gap must be >3mm) and can be installed in just a few minutes using double-sided tape. The strips can be used with Home automations to act as a trigger when the door or window is opened or closed (or in a certain state for a defined length of time) to send an alert to your smartphone or trigger another action. Their integrated, non-rechargeable LiMnO2 battery never needs to be replaced and lasts up to 10 years.

  • Z-Wave Plus certified with range up to 40 meters (130 feet)
  • Not recommended for use on metal-framed windows and doors due to reduced signal strength

*Requires a Trane/American Standard XL824/850/1050 smart thermostat or an alternate Z-Wave Bridge in order to communicate with your Home app.

**Requires a paid Subscription. View the Nexia subscription plans here, American Standard Home subscription plans here, and Trane Home subscription plans here.Tech Specs:

  • Brand: Sensative
  • Model Number: Strips-MaZw (11 01 012)
  • Range: Up to 40 meters
  • Dimensions: 195*15*2.98 mm
  • Magnets: A: 30*11*1 mm, B: Diameter 12 * 3 mm
  • Operating Conditions: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor (Weatherproof)
  • Power Supply: Integrated Battery with 10yr life


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